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BBQ - BarBeQue - Gas Barbecue - Charcoal BBQ - Grill

BBQ grills are a great way to make the most of UK weather conditions and make cooking outdoors both a pleasure. Either stick to traditional charcoal BBQ grills or make it easy on yourself with a gas barbecue grill...

BBQ - Barbeque News

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Antony Worrall Thompson BBQ

Antony Worrall Thompson Steel Deluxe Gas Wagon Grill

  • 500 square inch cooking area and warming area
  • Porcelain cooking grid and side burner grid
  • Electronic ignition
  • Thermometer in middle of lid
  • Full size slide out drip tray with baked enamel finish
  • Hose and regulator included
  • h 120 x w 65 x l 158cm, weighs 62Kg
  • TODAY - JUST £399.99

    Balgrill - Barbecue Grill - Garden Bliss

    balgrill deck bbq grill

    Balgrill Deck BBQ Charcoal Grill

    Top quality grill made from spun iron and stainless steel featuring a grill which can be raised and lowered and, after cooking, moved away from the flame to turn the grill into a brazier.

    £199.00 (Save extra £5 enter PATIO-HEATER-5 at checkout)

    Hotspot - Gas BBQ Grill - Greenfingers

    hotspot gas bbq grill

    Hotsport Gas Barbecue Grill

    3 burner design uses the flame tamer system instead of traditional lava rock or charcoal. Cast iron griddle and grill allows a variety of cooking techniques and different foods.

    Features temperature gauge in lid allows roasting, hardwood frame, storage and serving areas along with wheels for easy movement.


    Balgrill - Barbeque Grill - Garden Bliss

    balgrill dual deck bbq grill

    Balgrill Dual Deck BBQ Grill

    Top quality grill made from spun iron and stainless steel featuring two grills which can be raised and lowered independently or used at the same height to create one larger grill. After cooking the grills can be moved away from the flame and it's now an outdoor heater!

    £299.00 (Save extra £5 enter PATIO-HEATER-5 at checkout)

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    BBQ - Barbecue - BarBeQue - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ - Promo codes UK Free StuffWhich tastes best, gas or charcoal grilling?

    There can never be a definitive answer because it's down to personal taste but in most comparitive taste tests most people cannot tell the difference. Using wood chips also helps level the playing field.

    What are the main advantages of gas grills compared to charcoal grills?

    Gas barbecues offer cooking on demand and are easier to set up, light and clean.

    What are the main advantages of charcoal grills compared to gas grills?

    Charcoal grills cook hotter and you can burn wood easily - you also get to play with a real fire!

    Where can I buy Gas?

    Gas can be purchased at most garden centres, camping equipment stores and some garages. Because buying gas in the UK involves filling out paperwork it's worthwhile considering ordering refill cylinders for home delivery from Calor Direct.

    BBQ Charcoal Grill - PrezzyBox

    universal bbq grill

    Universal BBQ Grill

    Excellent portable BBQ which can be adjusted to three different heights, full height, camping height and table top height.

    £59.95 (Save extra £5 enter CANTBARSED at checkout)

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