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Diets, dieting - Online diet plans - Weight loss online

Diets & Weight Loss News, Special Offers & Promotions

weightwatchers promotional discount voucher codes WeightWatchers - SAVE £32.95 with the Weight Watchers 3 month plan...

free Evolution Slimming - FREE diet plan to download here...

Sainsburys Diets promotional discount voucher codes Sainsburys Diets - 12 weeks for the price of 8 weeks TODAY...

Diet news - Free Gi Book Tesco eDiets - Free Gi diet Book - Lose 10lbs in 5 weeks - Free Diet Profile...

FREE Simply Supplements: Buy One Get One FREE on EVERYTHING TODAY...

More CantBarsed News...

Online Diets and Weight Loss Plans

Boossh Sainsburys Diets Tesco Diets WeightWatchers Evolution Slimming

Boossh - Healthy Weight Loss

Boossh Boossh offers a great tasting range of weight loss shakes, soups, meals and desserts designed to help you lose weight safely. All Boossh products are nutritionally complete featuring a range of healthy low carbohydrate and Low GI foods which means less calories and safe weight loss without starving your body of the nutrition you need every day.

Start Boosshing today and lose weight fast...

Promotional Codes

Weight Watchers® - Online Dieting - Body Mass Index Calculator

Weight Watchers® - New flexible online diet plan available today If you can't go to meetings why not try Weight Watchers® Online? Over 40 years experience means unbeatable weight-loss tools and resources. Find YOUR healthy BMI and calculate 5% of your body mass to lose weight the healthy way.

Weight Watchers® - Easy to Use online BMI Calculator...

Check Out the New WeightWatchers ProPoints® Online Plan

Weightwatchers Propoints planThe new Weight Watchers ProPoints plan takes all the latest advances in weight loss science and gives you a flexible and easy to live with plan designed to fit around real life so weight loss becomes part of your day-to-day routine which gives you a real weight loss advantage. The Weightwatchers Pro Points plan is designed to make eating for weight loss enjoyable, sustainable and healthy.

More info about the new Weight Watchers® - ProPoints plan...

Weight Watchers Membership and Registration Promotions

£32.95 Discount on Weight Watchers 3 month plan

£5 Discount on Weight Watchers 1 month plan

Available to new subscribers and UK residents only. There's also FREE Registration for Weight Watchers Meetings and access to Weight Watchers online diet resources exclusively for members.

Limited promotions

WeightWatchers Discount Membership, save up to £32.95 here...

Evolution Siimming - Weight Loss - Diet Pills - Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements

Evolution Slimming weight loss and diet aids

Evolution Slimming is the place to look for slimming patches, weight loss pills and 100% pure Acai berry products online. You'll also find all the latest detox, vitamin, tanning, wellbeing, food supplements, energy and alternative therapy products.

Evolution Slimming Evolution Slimming - Weight loss, slimming, food supplements and well being ...

Evolution Slimming - Free Diet Plan - Weight Loss Deals & Promotions

FREE UK and european delivery on ALL orders.

Enter your email address and get a free diet plan.

FREE Evolution Slimming - FREE diet plan to download here...

Promotional Codes

Sainsburys Diet - Online Diet Club

Sainsburys Diets

Sainsbury’s Diets is an online diet club that offers members two popular and effective weight loss methods: A meal plan and a food diary. If you prefer to be told what to eat follow the Meal Plans or if you prefer to make your own food choices there’s a flexible Food Diary. Switch between both methods to fit your lifestyle as and when you please.

Sainsburys Diets Join the Sainsburys online Diet Club here TODAY...

Sainsbury's Diets Promotions, News and Freebies

25% Discount Off ALL Membership Plans TODAY!

The 8 week plan works out at £2.25 per week with the 1 year plan costing just £1.08 weekly. There's Nectar points on all plans.


Sainsburys Diets - 25% discount off all membership plans...

CantBarsed - Low Carb Diets and Teenagers - The Ground Rules

Personalised online diet plansThe traditional advice that teenagers should never diet or be told to diet remains true but does need to be put into context. Given a choice most teenagers will eat junk food so if they want to follow a diet there's certainly a case for bending the rules.

Low carb diets for teenagers are generally also low in sugar and include eating vegetables which has to be better for anyone eating junk food and carbonated drinks. Avoid any fad diet plan, including the Atkins diet, which is low in calcium because following these diets even for a few weeks can risk loss of bone mass, especially in teenage girls. A low carb diet, with no calorie restrictions, combined with fish and poultry and low-fat dairy products is a simple healthy diet.

The easiest way to follow a diet is to create your own weight loss plan based on the foods you love at eDietsUK.

Aim to cut down on "bad carbs" such as white breads, crisps and sugary snacks and aim to eat more "good carbs" including fruit and vegetables, it's as simple as that.

Families can play an important role by actively encouraging good eating habits and exercise. - Food Supplements - Well Being - Detox - Anti-aging - Minerals is a modern easy to use website offering quality minerals, vitamins and food supplements at low prices to enhance the well being of all the family. There's free delivery on all orders. - food supplements for all the family...

Slimming Solutions - Slim Bomb Weight Loss Pills - Slimming Teas - Help & Tips

Slimming Solutions for slimming, health and beautySlimming Solutions offers a wide range slimming aids and weight loss products including their popular own brand Slim Bomb pills which you can't get anywhere else. You'll also find exercise machines, control underwear, slimming tea and more.

Slimming Solutions - Everything from weight loss pills to control underwear...

Promotional Codes

Pro-10 - Sports Nutrition - Weight Loss

Pro-10 Sports Supplements

Pro-10 offers quality sports supplements which also taste great including whey protein, soya protein, diet tablets, BCAA's, vegan sports supplements and more perfect for gym club members, bodybuilders and weight lifters. For slimmers there's fat burner Ultra-lean and Soya protein.

Pro-10 - Sports supplements and weight loss aids...

Promotional Codes

CantBarsed Tip - "Hoodia", "Xhoba" and the P57 molecule - Appetite supression

Hoodia is a succulent cactus plant which grows in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. There are over 20 species of Hoodia but the San bushmen used Xhoba (their name for Hoodia Gordonii) on their hunting trips for its ability to curb appetite, quench thirst and increase endurance. Unlike other Hoodia species Hoodia Gordonii includes a molecule, named P57 because it was the 57th compound Phytopharm spent money developing, which copies the effect glucose has on the hypothalamus, the part of the brain which controls appetite. As we eat our blood glucose level rises until the hypothalamus sends a signal out to slow down and stop eating and it was found that the P57 molecule fools the hypothalamus into sending messages to eat less which surpresses appetite and makes it easier to eat less and in turn lose weight as part of a weight loss program. The evidence that Hoodia Gordonii works is convincing and Hoodia is widely available to purchase on the internet. Be careful to purchase from a reputable source to ensure you are in fact buying Hoodia Gordonii with nothing else added.

Hoodia Gordonii - Appetite Surpressent - Weight Loss Pills

hoodia gordonii pills Hoodia Gordonii capsules

Healthy Direct's Hoodia Gordonii is made in a factory which holds a pharmaceutical manufacturing license granted by the Danish Medicines Authority (one of the most exacting agencies in the EU). Each capsule contains 400mg of Hoodia Gordonii Dried Herb Powder (equivalent to 8,000mg Hoodia Gordonii) certified as of South African origin.


Tesco eDiets - Customised Online Diets - Lose 10lbs in 5 Weeks

Tesco diets - lose 10lbs in 5 weeks

eDietsUK in partnership with Tesco offers a choice of healthy eating diets. Just enter your details and customise to find your current weight status, actual and ideal Body Mass Index (BMI), recommended daily calorie guide and free newsletter.

free Tesco eDiets - Lose 10lbs in 5 weeks - Free Diet Profile...

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Gi diets...
Atkins diets...
Dairy free diets...
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Vegetarian diets...
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High-fibre diets
Hypoglycemia / low-sugar diets
Lactose-free (dairy free) diets
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Diabetes diets
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Tesco eDiets - Choose the Diet Plan to suit your needs

diet plan selector Tesco eDietsUK - Diet Plan Selector - Create YOUR Customised diet plan...

CantBarsed - Hay Diet - Food Combining Diets - Healthy Eating - Review

Diets - Food combining dietsThe basic principle behind food combining diets, like the original Hay Diet which first appeared during the 1930s, is to divide food into separate groups and eat them in healthy combinations.

I followed a simple variation of the Hay diet for several years which involved eating just fruit during the morning then combining food sensibly during the afternoon and our evening meal with no snacking during the evening - by far the hardest part.

Because fruit is digested more quickly (in less than half an hour) it makes sense to eat fruit before other food which can take hours to digest and I still eat fruit for breakfast. Eventually boredom set in so now I concentrate on using healthy ingredients and eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Joe Connor

Food combining for healthly eating - Food combining diets...

Recomended Diet Books

living the GI diet book

Living the GI Diet - To Maintain Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss...

Expanding on the principles of the original GI diet, this title contains 100 recipes and improved food lists. Also tackles what to do if you reach a plateau, find youself plagued with cravings and help motivating yourself to stay on course.

£9.99 NOW £6.99

More GI Diet books...

The low carb cookbook - Fran McCullough

The Low Carb Cookbook by Fran McCullough...

Over 250 tasty recipes for everyone who wants to eat well and lose weight with diets like Protein Power, the Zone and Dr Atkins. All recipes are protein, fat and carboyhdrate gram counted. Includes practical tips to help keep the carb count down. Includes excellent and detailed index.


500 low carb recipes - Dana Carpender

500 Low Carb Recipes by Dana Carpender...

If you've gone low carb and can't face another day of eggs for breakfast break that diet boredom with these low carb recipes covering everything from salads to main meals and desserts. These easy to follow recipes use everyday ingredients and include low carb versions of traditional favourites including Yorkshire pudding and tomato ketchup along with desserts including chocolate cheesecake and cinnamon raisin bread.

LIST PRICE £8.99 NOW £7.19

More Diet books...

Boots - Dieting, Nutrition & Fitness - Health Club

Boots - Diet foods and slimming aids

Everything you need to lose weight, get fit, tone up and detox your body including Boots Lo Carb, Dietline Low Carb Foods, Slim.Fast, dietary supplements and slimming aids, scales and body fat monitors.

Boots - Lose weight using diet foods and slimming aids...

All the latest Boots promotions and special offers...

Slendertone - Home Gym - Weight Loss & Slimming Solutions


Body shaping muscle toning belts for men and women. Range of clinically proven products to help you achieve your goal of a firmer and more toned body in just 4-8 weeks.

Slendertone for men and women to help tone your body, bottom and face...

Promotional Codes

More home gym promotions...    More self improvement promotions...

Slimming patches and slimming tablets

Slimming Patches - Diet & Fitness - Appetite Surpressant

Trim 24x7 slimming patchesTrim 24Seven Slimming Patch 30 day supply

Designed to help reduce your appetite using natural, herbal appetite suppressants that may help to reduce those food cravings you get between meals.

Over 70% of people who used Trim24Seven for the first time reported losing 4lb in the first week!

3 for 2 deal, Buy 3 packs and get 1 free pack worth £29.95

RRP £29.95 TODAY ONLY £9.95 discount slimming patches YOU SAVE £20 = 67% DISCOUNT

Health Express - Weight Loss & Obesity Treatments and Infomation...

Weight Loss Treatments at Health Express

Prescription drugs to help you lose weight are available and following a free no obligation online consulation (read the disclaimer carefully) may be offered to you to purchase online for discreet home delivery from a UK pharmacy. Weight loss treatment may include a combination of diet, exercise, behaviorial changes and, if prescribed, weight-loss drugs.

weight loss aids Health Express - Online weight loss treatments...

Figleaves - Get Fit and Look Great - Sportswear Promotions

Sportswear - Get fit with Figleaves
  • At Figleaves there's a wardrobe for every sport
  • Yoga, gym, running & training sportswear.
  • Sports bra fitting tips - find the perfect sports bra.
  • See Netball players modelling the latest netball kit.
  • Cheat with Controlwear
  • Brand names galore!
  • Get Fit with Figleaves Figleaves - Sportswear to help you get fit and look great...

    The Atkins diet book
    Atkins Diet Books & DVDs

    WeighIn Promotional Codes

    10% Discount when opening enhanced account.

    Enter weighin promotional code WISD10 when registering OR from the "My Billing" section of your free account.

    CODE WeighIn 10% discount code...

    Diet and Exercise DVDs

    joanna hall exercise video

    Joanna Hall's Drop A Size For Life DVD

    Joanna Hall's excercise programme features five sections designed to help keep your weight down. Whatever your level of fitness you can give this a go - even if you only have ten minutes to spare. Easy to follow.

    £14.99 NOW £7.97

    More exercise DVDs...

    Online Diet Resources

    Great forum where you can chat to other members and share experiences about that works and what doesn't. There's also free diet plans.

    NHS Choices

    If you're planning to lose weight there's some great advice and tips including healthy balanced diets for vegetarian and vegans.

    British Heart Foundation - Six Secrets To Dieting Success

    Follow these tips to find out how much you need to lose and plan your food and exercise to keep the weight off in the longer term.

    Express Chemist Weight Loss - Fitness & Dieting, Slimming Aids and Tablets

    Express Chemist

    Express Chemist offer a range of weight loss slimming aids and diet foods including Potter's Boldex Slimming Aid, the popular Zotrim slimming tablets, Adios and the Feeling OK range of diet foods.

    Express Chemist - Online pharmacy, weight loss, slimming & diet aids...

    Online Chemists - Online Pharmacy - Prescription Medicines Online

    Boots Online Pharmacy Express Chemist online pharmacy Pharmacy2u online pharmacy ASDA pharmacy Superdrug

    chemists More online chemists...

    More  Sports and fitness...   Food supplements...

    The Atkins diet book
    Rosemary Conley Books & DVDs

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