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Money Saving Tips for Online UK Discount Shopping

If you're paying full price for anything online it's odds on you're paying more than our members! These CantBarsed money saving tips will get you started saving money on your shopping cart contents...

CantBarsed Money Saving Tips - Index

Money Saving Tip - What are promotional codes and coupon codes?

Money Saving Tip - Dixons, Currys and PC World Discounts...

Money Saving Tip - How to Get Personal Discount Vouchers & Promotional Codes...

Money Saving Tip - How to Find Discount Codes and Promotional Vouchers...

Money Saving Tip - Discount & Promotional Codes for Personal Use...

Money Saving Tip - How to save money watching movies and TV shows online...

Money Saving Tip - How to save money buying prescription glasses online...

Money Saving Tip - GirlsStuff, BoysStuff and GadgetStuff Promotional Codes...

Money Saving Tip - How to save even more money with Vistaprint...

Money Saving Tip - How to save money on theme park tickets and attractions...

Money Saving Tip - How to save money using mobile phones abroad...

Money Saving Tip - How to find the cheapest ferry crossings...

Money Saving Tip - How to Save Money Booking Holidays & Mini Breaks Online...

Money Saving Tip - How to reclaim unfair bank charges...

Money Saving Tip - P60 End of Year Tax Check - Are you due a refund?...

Money Saving Tip - Cross Promotional Campaigns...

Money Saving Tip - One Day and Weekend Spectacular Promotions...

Money Saving Tip - Web Exclusive Pricing Promotions...

Money Saving Tip - Welcome Back "We've Missed You" Promo Codes & Vouchers...

Money Saving Tip - Non Transferrable Promotional Codes & Discount Vouchers...

Money Saving Tip - Get ipoints in addition to your usual supermarket points...

Money Saving Tip - When a discount code is NOT worth using...

Money Saving News

Money Saving Tip of the Week

CantBarsed Tip - Save Money Watching Movies and TV Shows Online

CantBarsed tipBackground: Lovefilm is owned by Amazon. Now TV is owned by Sky and we expect it will expand from offering just movies to sport and tv shows any day now. Netflix is a US company which has expanded into the UK and other countries worldwide. Blinkbox is now owned by Tesco. Blockbuster still sends DVDs and games in the post.
Check your internet connection!: If it's not unlimited you could incur expensive data download charges - consider upgrading to an unlimited tariff/plan.
How to save money: Lovefilm, Now TV and Netflix offer 1 month free trials so be sure to take advantage of those. Blinkbox offers some free content and they all run promotions so look out for those.

MySupermarket - Grocery Shopping Online - Money Saving Tip

MySupermarket - Compare shopping basket prices at Tesco, ASDA, Ocado, Sainsbury and more supermarkets

Now you can save even more money grocery shopping online with mySupermarket. Simply start shopping then click to show you basket totals at all the popular supermarkets and you can still get Nectar and Tesco Clubcard points.

My Supermarket 1 click shopping basket total price comparision! Start here...

Dixons, Currys & PC World Promotional Codes and Discount Vouchers

money saving tipDixons, Currys and PC world are all part of the Dixon Stores Group (DSG) and although they appear to operate independently the websites are very closely related. We noticed the product codes are the same for all three stores.

If you cut and paste the product code for any item into the search box at either of the other stores you'll see the same product displayed, usually at the same price. Furthermore if it's out of stock on one store it will, in our experience, be out of stock at all three stores, check for yourself.

However, all three websites still operate their own promotional codes / discount vouchers and set their own delivery charges so we can use this knowledge to our advantage and save money. Here's how to maximise any saving available:

1) Check for any current promotional codes:

(These links open in a new window)

Dixons promotional codes Check latest Dixons promotional codes...

Currys promotional code Check latest Currys promotional codes...

PC World promotional code Check latest PC World promotional codes...

2) Make a note of any promotional codes available, the trigger levels and delivery charges then cut and paste the product codes for any items you are interested in between the sites to compare deals.

3) Purchase from the store which is offering the best deal and don't forget to enter the promotional code at the checkout!

CantBarsed Tip - What are promotional codes and coupon codes? promo codesPromotional codes are online discount vouchers, usually a word, a number or a combination of both. Just like discount vouchers in real shops, promotional codes save you money when shopping online. Always look for opportunities to enter promotional codes, discount codes, gift certificates etc in shopping baskets and at the checkout stage then check our promotional codes and discount vouchers pages.

Money Saving Tips - How to Get Personal Discount Vouchers & Promo Codes

Enter Free Prize Draws

These usually collect your email address so they can send you marketing emails which often include promotional codes, discount vouchers and special offers. Use a free webmail account and the junk mail can pile up in there without cluttering up your main mailbox.


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All the latest promo codes and freebies


Thousands of laptops are stolen from freshers at college & university every year.

Thieves typically strike within days of arriving on campus.

Lock it or lose it - get a security cable and always use it, even in your room.

laptop security cable
Laptop security cables

From £6.73

Student discounts...

Subscribe to Retailers Newsletters!

Newsletters are a great source of promotional codes, discount vouchers and special offers. Often just signing up gets you a free prize draw entry, a special offer or a personal promotional code.

Hard core discount shoppers never use their main email address, instead set yourself up with a junk mailbox - our free cantBarsed mailboxes are perfect for this - then you can just glance through the dross and pick out the promo codes online using your browser without clogging up your PC mai program.

Here's a list of stores which regularly send exclusive promotional codes and exclusive offers to newsletter subscribers (These links open in a new window):

  • Boots - Extra Advantage card points offers and personalised discount vouchers
  • Firebox - Personalised coupon codes up to £5
  • Pixmania - Personalised promotional codes
  • Buyagift - Short promotions with promo codes offering up to 20% discount
  • CX London - Exclusive discount codes
  • Vistaprint - Discount tempters to use their services, also read our vistaprint tip.
  • Currys - Promotional codes we're not allowed to publish, most bank holidays.
  • Tesco - Personalised promotional codes.
  • M&S - Email customer exclusives and promotional codes.
  • with any other newsletter exclusives we can list here...
  • And subscribe to our weekly newsletter which features EXCLUSIVE CantBarsed promotional codes and automatic entry into our weekly free prize draw and feature free prize draws and competitions.

    Money Saving Tips - How to Find More Discount Codes and Promotional Vouchers

    Take a closer look around your favourite online stores

    You'll often find a special offers and discount codes tucked away - check website help pages and site maps. Sometimes they're easy to find, here's the Boots special offers page and now the stores are onto us they've created dedicated pages featuring all their current deals, here's the Marks & Spencer offer page, which is easy to find from the M&S home page - cool eh? Some are harder to find and similar to the hidden easter egg features on some DVDs.


    Research magazines, newspapers and online forums and watch TV Ads!

    Newspapers have leapt onto the promotional codes bandwagon with every newspaper running readers offers and even cashback sites. TV ads highligh codes and current promotions and you'll find codes and discount vouchers to print and use in-store. It's the same with magazines like Cosmo, Maxim, Bliss, FHM, Loaded, More etc - it's getting hard to avoid codes - look for exclusive promotional codes you can use online.


    Hard core discount shoppers can guess promotional codes!

    Some stores make it easy to guess their latest promo codes. If you take a look through our expired promotional codes and compare them with current promotional codes it's often easy to spot a pattern and guess new promotional codes.

    Money Saving Tip - Discount & Promotional Codes for Personal Use

    money saving tipALL the promotional codes and discount vouchers featured on are 100% legal and can be used by anyone but there are loads of promotional codes and online discount vouchers given away by online stores as rewards to existing customers or as part of cross promotional deals with other stores or publications that we cannot feature online (here's why?).

    However, what we can do is tell you where to look and how to get them to maximise your chances of saving money when shopping online...

    Theme Park Tickets - UK Days Out - Theme Park Holiday Planning - Save Money

    How to maximise your savings when buying theme park tickets

    Booking early online and comparing prices is the key to bargain ticket prices at theme parks and attractions. For UK theme park tickets, attractions and days out it's hard to beat the prices offered by Buyagift, especially for Legoland print and go tickets, but it's always worth comparing prices on 365 tickets, and the award winning Attractiontix website where you'll find some exclusive discount codes.

    For european theme parks including Disneyland Paris, Futuroscope, Europa Park and PortAventura and other worldwide attractions you can save money by ordering your tickets in advance online at theme park ticket retailers Attractiontix or 365 tickets.

    save money on theme park tickets Read the rest of this theme park tickets review here...  save money on UK days out Days out across the UK...

    Money Saving Tip - Cross Promotional Campaigns

    money saving tipStores often collaborate with each other in mutually beneficial cross promotions and the good news is if you're smart you can often save money at BOTH stores. When you receive a promo for one it's odds on there's a reciprocal arrangement in place. In a recent order at Figleaves we received a free Firebox promotional code giveaway worth up to £100 - ours was worth a fiver. Firebox also runs cross promotional deals with magazines and other businesses.

    Money Saving Tips - One Day and Weekend Spectacular Promotions

    money saving tip

    Debenhams were among the first bricks and mortar stores to run 1 day in-store promotions and these have now moved online with recent one day and weekend "spectacular" promotions by Debenhams, PC World, Dixons, Boots and others. The best way to stay up to date with these is to subscribe to our weekly newsletter and this discount code feed which is updated in real time as new codes are released.

    Money Saving Tip - Web Exclusive Pricing Promotions promo codesWeb exclusive pricing on selected products has become very popular with most of the out of town electronics and computer superstores including PC World, Currys and Comet and all these stores have reserve online and collect in-store services which honour the web-exclusive prices - and there's dedicated car parking spaces too!

    Welcome Back "We've Missed You" Promotional Codes and Discount Vouchers

    money saving tipSome online stores notice if you're on their mailing list and don't buy anything for a while and will sometimes send you a promotional code to tempt you back so it's worth scanning your junk mail and post to save a few quid - we recently received a 10% discount code which even worked after its expiry date - it's always worth a try, the worst that can happen is the code doesn't work.

    CantBarsed Tip - Non Transferrable Promotional Codes & Discount Vouchers

    money saving tipMany online stores offer promotional codes and online discount vouchers given by online stores as rewards to existing customers or as part of cross promotional deals with other stores or publications.

    In some cases these promo codes and discount vouchers can be used more than once and passed on to friends and family but generally speaking they're designed for use by the recipient and NOT transferable.

    As a responsible publisher ALL the codes we feature on are 100% legal and can be used by anyone.

    As a responsible consumer you should always make sure you are entitled to a discount voucher or promotional code by reading the terms and conditions of use.

    We do not support or condone the fraudulent use or distribution of non-transferrable discount vouchers, promotional codes or other coupons but we are happy to suggest money saving shopping tips.

    Money Saving Tip - Save Money Buying Prescription Glasses Online

    money saving tipWe've been following a David and Goliath story between Specsavers, the high street opticians, and Glasses Direct, a website which sells prescription glasses and contact lenses at discount prices online. Glasses Direct said Specsavers sell "Specspensive" glasses and "'fleece" their customers. Specsavers waded in with their lawyers and Glasses Direct responded by putting the letters online.

    Before this hit the news we didn't know Glasses Direct existed but now we've seen the huge difference in prices we reckon Specsavers have been a bit shortsighted and a lot more people will be buying their prescription glasses and contact lenses online with frames priced from just £15. To buy your glasses online you simply enter your prescription details and choose from the available frames.

    CantBarsed Tip - How to Save Money Booking Holidays & Mini Breaks Online

    Contrary to popular belief last minute deals are pretty much a thing of the past.

    If you have time to do some online research you can save a fortune. Here's our step by step guide:

    Once you have a destination in mind you can research, plan and book your trip using the expedia destination guides.

    Pick your flights first: To get the best flight prices the earlier you book the wider your choice and the cheaper the fares. Flights are often the most expensive component of any holiday or mini-break so it's worth checking the airline and charter flight websites directly for special offers.

    Find your accommodation: Once you have made a shortlist of flights check for accommodation deals both directly with popular hotel chains and hotel comparison sites.

    Add car hire: Again it's worth looking for offers at the car rental websites and check for bargain car rental deals at car rental comparison sites.

    By finding your flights and accommodation seperately you'll have a much wider choice and the prices you see will be the price you pay, not prices based on 3 adults sharing a room or flying from an airport nowhere near where you live.

    CantBarsed Travel pages...   Holidays...    Cheap flights...   Discount car rental...

    CantBarsed Money Saving Tip - How to Find the Best Ferry Prices

    money saving tip - ferry price comparisonCompare ferry prices inititally at a ferry ticket broker like Aferry or Ferrycheap then compare their best prices with the individual ferry operators on the CantBarsed ferry page to check for any special deals and offers and choose the best deal.

    ferry travel tip More ferry travel deals...

    Money Saving Tip - How to save even more money with Vistaprint

    Vistaprint money saving tipVistaprint have been offering free promotional business cards, stationary, address labels, stamps, fridge magnets etc at amazing prices for years now but if you want to save even more money try ordering the lowest quantity you need (there's usually one price option which works out cheaper than the rest) and proceed to payment. After payment you'll probably be offered Vistaprint Bonus Rewards which usually includes more of what you just ordered along with some optional extras.

    More home business...

    Money Saving Tip - When a discount code is NOT worth using...

    We're aware of at least one case where using a promotional code increased the price of the product in the shopping trolley so although it seems obvious do check you're actually saving money!

    Refunds Direct - P60 End of Year Tax Check

    Check whether you are due a Tax Rebate

    Just enter the details from your P60* to see if you're due for a tax rebate.

    Refunds Direct are finding around 1 in 3 people have overpaid Tax and are due a rebate

    * The P60 form is issued by employers to all employees stating pay and tax paid in the previous tax year.

    Refunds Direct - P60 End of Year Tax Check...

    More money related deals and money saving tips...

    CantBarsed Tip - How to Save Money using Mobile Phones Abroad

    save money using mobile phones abroad with sim 4 travelIf you're leaving the country for some well deserved R&R after getting your A-Level results (or if your children are heading off and using mobile phones abroad) don't get taken for an expensive ride by the phone networks!

    For example if you're on an O2 contract in France and your mum calls it's going to cost 94p per minute (the Sim4travel price isFREE). If you need to make a local call or phone a UK landline thats going to cost 85p per minute (the Sim4travel price is 32p per minute)

    Using mobile phones abroad from further afield it gets even more outrageous - the same person on an O2 contract gets a call from the UK and it's going to cost £1.65 per minute just to receive the call (the Sim4travel price isFREE) and local calls and calls back to the UK now cost £1.99 per minute (the Sim4travel price remains 32p per minute)!

    How to save money using mobile phones abroad...

    CantBarsed Tip - Online Bookmakers - Introductory free bets

    Almost all the online bookmakers offer a free bet for new customers and there's nothing to stop you opening accounts at each bookmaker to take advantage of these and it's the ideal way to decide which bookmaker best suits your requirements.

    free bets Free bets totalling hundreds of pounds here...

    More Money Saving Articles

    Money Saving Article - How to avoid debit and credit card charges abroad...

    Money Saving Article - How to get cheaper car insurance...

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    Your Money Saving Tips and Comments:

    Anon: Hard core shopping? I've heard it all now!

    Jason - I wish I'd found these money saving tips earlier!

    Rebecca - Thanks, I just saved £50 at Currys.

    Joan - I never realised there were so many online money saving "scams" - thanks

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